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Who is Shannon O'Malley?

Polish man's name didn't work for judicial candidate, so now he's Shannon O'Malley

Spiwak unsuccessfully ran for judge in 2010 under his old name as a Republican candidate in Will County.…Now he’s running as a Democrat under his new name for a vacancy in Cook County’s 13th judicial sub-circuit…


May be hard to judge judges for elections, but there are resources out there

Voters…seem to favor female candidates over men, and Irish names over other ethnic groups. Philip Spiwak, a Schaumburg attorney, changed his name to Shannon O’Malley and switched parties to Democrat from Republican before running in the northwest suburban 13th Sub-Circuit, seemingly to take advantage of the biases.

From Spiwak to O'Malley: Chicago attorney accused of changing name to win Irish votes

[Illinois Civil Justice] League President John Pastuovic called it "a cynical attempt to game the electoral process."

Illinois judge candidate insists he's an O'Malley — critics call it Irish cultural appropriation

“It seems like a naked attempt to improve his electoral prospects,” said State Sen. Don Harmon, a Democrat who represents Oak Park, Illinois — and is co-sponsor of a bill that was specifically designed to keep faux-O'Malleys off judicial ballots.

…Adding another layer to the deception, Harmon said, is that “Shannon is a name that could be a man or a woman, and that is clearly part of the calculus here as well."

Polish lawyer changes name to Shannon O'Malley to get ahead

Academic Albert J. Klumpp previously studied historical records and published his findings. Indeed, the most successful candidates in Cook County have one thing in common: feminine Irish names.

Here are the judges you should *not* elect tomorrow

In the northwest 13th, Shannon O'Malley, running for the Fitzgerald vacancy, declined to participate in bar reviews.


View the full PDF here.

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